Monday, 21 February 2011

The Sigils

After clearing out a few of my older journals, I uncovered this, an entry I made on the creation of Soul Chambers, and my recent successes and failures:

21 June, 1885

Success! After all that divination, the automatic writing machine has finally been modified. It has cost me some of my Life Units to charge it and to give it a trace back to my soul, but thankfully I have found a way to divine a soul's "sigil". A few months back I was having trouble in finding a way to contain and control a soul - they are vague, aimless things, often set to depart to one plane or another if they have not already done so, but if a soul could be found and caught... it could change everything.
My journeys to egypt confirmed my earlier suspicions on the subject - Egyptians, Indians, and even the ancient native people of Australia, the curious "Aboriginals" all had different methods to attempt the same thing - to create a vessel to contain a soul. The Egyptians, it seems, had the most success, in sarcophagi, but there are reports and evidence of other greater doctors and priests having similar success on other continents. It turns out that Gold is a core element in the interaction between our world and the spirit world. I wish I knew why, but it seems prevalent throughout the ancient religions. We as a people still hold some fascination for Gold and yet we still cannot reason why - it does not tarnish, yes, but what value does it have beyond its shine? Apparently, it could hold the key to immortality.
After studying some of the accounts of King Solomon and of "Moses the Magi" I have found that gold can interact with the other realm while a name can be used to control a soul. Once you know their name you have power over them - you can define them, call them, bind them, and dismiss them. But to discover the name of a soul? The name of a person means nothing - the body is just a vessel that the soul is chained to, and the body's name is decided by parents, by friends and companions. It is the Ego that gives that name power, not the Soul. So it is reasonable that the soul must have another name, a secret name. One not given, but one that describes and defines the soul itself.
And I have found a way to trace back, from the body, through the anchor that connects the two, to the soul itself, and from that connection, divine that nature of the soul and the sigil that defines it. With that sigil I can bind the soul to a body or an object, and as long as it remains anchored and charged I can keep it alive and immortal. I can outstrip my normal lifespan and continue my work, and if I am very fortunate I could even summon and bind other spirits too.
But I am no fool. I will not charge headlong into this without a few tests and not without making sure that I can control it too. Tomorrow, I must find a test subject, find their sigil, and see if I cannot permanently bind their soul to their body."

My test a week later proved to be a success. A terrible, terrible success.
But it is upon these stones that walkways are built and in every way I marched onwards to the secret of immortality and to the secrets of life and death. But it was on this day that I knew I could never turn back - once I began to toy with such things as the control of souls, there would be no stopping me, or stopping the unrolling of events that would have to play themselves out, one way or another.

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