Thursday, 10 March 2011

More fragments

I found two more fragments of myself this morning - during that curious time between sleeping and waking. All the greatest inventors seem to say that dream time always gives them the best solutions and it is then that I think that Tesla may well have had something with his M-Space theory. Everything that can be invented has already been invented in potentiality, and so if we could map out those potentialities and some how fish through that murkiness for inspiration... ah, but what a strange man Tesla was.
Anyway, dear reader, I realise that I have been away from here for far too long. That shall be remedied - trying to copy my journals onto the computer while still retaining the facts and having some sense to them is taking far too long, but I must keep on.
In other news I did uncover my first ever chamber - most of the working parts are fused now and a great deal need be repaired, but it is still that self same chamber from over one hundred years ago...

I made more as the years went on, improving them and shaping them for different times and means - not to mention the fact that current styles (when I was above ground) had to be adhered to.... I should see if I can dig any more of them out...

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