Sunday, 20 February 2011

A night in the house of Dolls

It has been a beautiful week, and the year continues well. I must say that I have not had so much fun or felt so alive in many, many a year. Perhaps it is the locations I have visited, or the people I have met. It could be my good friends, or my wonderful companion, Kathryn. Without her strength or the support of my friends I doubt very much that I would be where I am today. It could perhaps be that I have been able to invent, and create, and indulge in my need to work with my hands and my mind, to write stories, design devices, and invent...well...inventions!
Last night went very, very well. The mask went down a treat, even though the energy packs for the lights dried up long before the night was over (note to self: invent a batter system for batteries), but I very much enjoyed being able to walk around the club and have complete 360 vision at all times. It made the dancefloor feel a lot more crowded then normal, however, it did allow me to know who was stamping on my ankles and where to precisely jab my elbows in response! Ah, common courtesy, you are a mistress that I shall sorely miss!
I was grateful to have turned as many heads as I did on the night out because, to be quite honest, I did not stand out as much as I would have anywhere else. There were curious fellows in tight leather outfits, there were pirates and bandits, there were lovely young ladies wearing, I must say, little more than a mask and a smile, and there was even a stay-puft marshmallow man.
Good times were had, and this has given me the drive and confidence to work even harder on my designs, my outfits, and on the curious inventions that I shall take out for the next such night.
In other news the website is finally up! oAt long last, a website I can feel at least a little proud of, and I shall be happy to put my devices and artowrk up on it. All it needs is a few more pieces of music to add to the atmosphere and I am complete. Tomorrow I begin to document my old adventures to be placed in the library on the site.
I cannt wait until the morning, but I must sleep now, before my brain fails me completely.
So, for now, sweet readers... goodnight and adieu!

Professor Shevek Moore

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