Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A long time coming!

Well< it seems that I have finally succeeded in getting this estranged website up and running, for now at least.
Before long I shall also be able to start moving all of my inventions and accessories out of the attic and start putting them on display too. Things are progressing nicely, and I must confess that I am quite pleased with my work so far.
But enough patting on the back, there is still plenty to be done!
I shall continue my updates and uploads as they warrant!

Shevek Moore

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Inevitable tread of time

Time moves onwards, dear reader, and I fear that time is no longer on my side.
Though I have freed myself from the constraints of time in many ways I fear that I have more to do than can ever be done by one man alone. I am grateful then, to not be alone and to have such a companion as Kathryn at my side, forver helping me in this new world, this new age, and giving me advice.
Just recently she has insisted that I begin to publish my journals and books online, documenting my adventures for all to see. I have agreed with this and am making my way towards that end - first, though I have to publish a summary of all the events that have happened to me; a teaser for future books, so to speak. But how to summarize a life?
Would a page or even a few do it any justice? How to justify one's actions in so short a time? How to commemorate all the good people that took part in my life, in my adventures? How to remember them all?

Well, I shall make an attempt at it, dear readers, and shall have it up by tomorrow:
The Life of Professor Moore.

Professor Moore

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A New Journal for a New Journey

Dearest Reader,

I am about to embark on a strange new journey in this, a strange new world. After all the things I have seen, and all the things I have known I am certain of one thing: My past adventures will pale in contrast to the ones I am about to have. A world where the laws have all changed, where innovation and creation is available to each and every layman and the knowledge of all the schools ever founded flows freely over the internet.
Kathryn, my companion and my light in this new world, has insisted that I begin to voice my thoughts here, on the internet rather than scratch away in a worn old leather book.
Well, nothing really can beat the feel of paper between the fingers, or the smell of a fresh book as you open it. But this is a new Age and a new World - and this is far from a journal. This is more like a letter written en mass to the world.
"Dear You," I shall write. "From me."

But not everyone can read this journal can they? Only those that have looked, and those that would be interested in it or share the interests that I do would have even come close to stumbling upon this little letter cast out into the ocean. So, it is more like a letter in a bottle. Thrown overboard with little more than a message and hope. This is the beginning of a journey, one filled with hope and with adventures.
So join me "Dear Reader" in this, our journey, in the Adventures and Stories we shall share.
Come, pull your chair closer to the fire. Make yourself comfortable.
And we shall talk, you and I, of Adventures both past and those to come.

Professor Shevek Moore