Sunday, 20 February 2011

A return,

I have returned to my squalid little laboratory.
After so much time out in the fresh air with the lady Kathryn I cannot help but notice how dirty and unkempt my little home has become. Without any of the softer things in life, such as running hot water or even a gas fire I am beginning to see this place as more of a prison than a haven. Where once I saw only economic use of space I see sparseness, where I once saw comfort I now see sparseness. No. This will not do, I must remedy this squalid situation and right away.

In other news, the website has quite a way to go, but at least it is up and working.
Other than that, my mask for the infamous thief "BlackJack" is well under way and should be completed within the hour, while my special hat for the masquerade ball shall be done by tonight. Other than that, with the help of young lady Kathryn I have begun to order new materials for my creations and should be able to begin new constructions very soon!

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