Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Inevitable tread of time

Time moves onwards, dear reader, and I fear that time is no longer on my side.
Though I have freed myself from the constraints of time in many ways I fear that I have more to do than can ever be done by one man alone. I am grateful then, to not be alone and to have such a companion as Kathryn at my side, forver helping me in this new world, this new age, and giving me advice.
Just recently she has insisted that I begin to publish my journals and books online, documenting my adventures for all to see. I have agreed with this and am making my way towards that end - first, though I have to publish a summary of all the events that have happened to me; a teaser for future books, so to speak. But how to summarize a life?
Would a page or even a few do it any justice? How to justify one's actions in so short a time? How to commemorate all the good people that took part in my life, in my adventures? How to remember them all?

Well, I shall make an attempt at it, dear readers, and shall have it up by tomorrow:
The Life of Professor Moore.

Professor Moore

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